SCADA is exactly in accordance with your wishes. It is combination of Java programming and online visual editor, we can meet all your requirements.

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Product Description

SCADA is designed primarily for use with recurring technological units (e.g. boiler-room, heat transfer station). Unlike other conventional SCADA systems, Zapli SCADA doesn’t statically define point names in graphical section, but it uses system of dynamic filters. By keeping nomenclature it is possible to use same graphical technology for multiple technological units. This saves your time and money. Built-in graphical editor allows you to edit graphical technology and its distribution ti all online clients without installing or restarting application.

SCADA system can be extended with web server for generation and presentation of statistical data.

SCADA works on client-server model


  • Communication with PLC.
  • Automatic archiving of measurements to any SQL database.
  • Generation of alarm conditions.
  • Data distribution to unlimited number of clients.
  • Unlimited number of measurement points.
  • For Bacnet/IP automatically download a list of measurements and adding them to the system
  • User management.
  • Cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac).


  • Data representation in graphical or table form.
  • Manage, view and report alarms.
  • Option for speech synthesis.
  • Measurement trends browser.
  • Display data from the archive directly in image technology.
  • Archive export to Excel.
  • Actualization management.
  • Cross-platform (Linux, Windows, Mac).