Blacky PLC


It is island modular system of remote IOs for Bacnet/IP. The processor board Blacky PLC contains 16 digital outputs, 16 digital inputs, M-Bus master, RS485 and system bus based on I2C with option to connect more expansion modules.


Additional Information

Weight 120 g
Dimensions 40 x 110 x 120 mm
Supported protocols

Primary: Bacnet/IP
Modbus/RTU Master, Slave – mirroring Bacnet points to ModBus adress space
Modbus/TCP Master, Slave – mirroring Bacnet points to ModBus adress space
Honeywell C-Bus
Filling device Flamco, Reflex


Bacnet/IP browser
Read/Write external Bacnet points
Write internal Bacnet points to external C-Bus, ModBus points
M-Bus browser / telegram decoder
Converter M-Bus / Ethernet IP
information tableau
Bacnet EDE Export


1x RS485
1x M-Bus master
16x Digital input 24V DC 5mA, zero switching, protection TVS 30V
16x Digital Output, open collector, max 50mA, internar power supply of channel includes PTC fuze and protection diode allowing connection with inductive load
1x main board temperature
1x hardware watchdog
2x bus extender I2C, max 124 devices


Logic levels – 24V(low) and 36V(high), Load current – Max. 150mA(about 80 standard M-Bus slaves),Protection – PTC on MB+ side, Speed – 900ms@360mA, 450ms@440mA, 220ms@530mA, 50ms@3300mA, Surge protection -TVS diodes

Power supply

24V DC, reverse polarity protection

I2C versions

version 5V max. 2m (ribbon cable)
version 12V max. 25m (twisted pair)


Dimensions scheme: PDF or DXF

Block schemes:

  • DI00-DI07: DXF
  • DI08-DI15: DXF
  • DO00-DO07: DXF
  • DO08-DO15: DXF
  • Interfaces power: DXF