The HVAC Cape is industrial communication cape for BeagleBone Black. It contains two connectors for RS232, one connector for RS485 and one connector for M-Bus. Cape also provides power supply to BeagleBone.

This cape physically blocks HDMI port.

SKU: hvac-cape

Additional Information

Weight 40 g
Dimensions 55 x 86 x 1.8 mm
Power supply

24V DC, provides power to BBB at 5V DC, max 1A


2x RS232, RS485 with autodirection controll, max 500kbps, M-Bus Master EN 13757-2


Logic levels – 24V(low) and 36V(high), Load current – Max. 150mA(about 80 standard M-Bus slaves),Protection – PTC on MB+ side, Speed – 900ms@360mA, 450ms@440mA, 220ms@530mA, 50ms@3300mA, Surge protection -TVS diodes