Blacky PLC LED


Signaling LED module for modular system Blacky PLC.

SKU: blacky-plc-led

Product Description

Each LED module contains 10 two-tone LEDs (red and green) and 6 digital outputs for connection of external LEDs. Digital outputs are not able to switch inductive loads. It`s possible connect to bus up to 16 LED modules (160 LEDs).

Each color can be defined in 255 steps of brightness and flashing.

Pair functions (red and green):

  • Single LED: 0 – off, 1 – flashing, from 2 to 255 – brightness
  • Red color turns off green: usefull for signalizations of operational and failure states with one LED
  • Green color turns off red

LED functions:

  • Signalization LED – controlled with Bacnet point
  • Alarm LED – LED controlls Alarm manager

Module functions:

  • maximum allowed brightness of green LEDs
  • maximum allowed brightness of red LEDs
  • flashing settings – lengths of nn and off states

Alarm manager:

  • generates failure states on LED modules

Supported CPU modules for Blacky PLC:

  • DI signal tester
  • DI acknowledgment
  • DO buzzer

Alarm functions:

  • alarm flag from Bacnet point
  • equal
  • greater
  • less
  • greater or equal
  • less or equal

Signalization functions:

  • LED test
  • unacknowledged alarm – LED is flashing and buzzer is on
  • after acknowledgemet buzzer is turned off but LED is kept on
  • unacknowledged terminated alarm – LED keeps flashing, buzzer is turned off. After acknowledgent LED is turned off

Reading of remote Bacnet points:

  • It is possible to read remote bacnet points and directly write values of remote points(for example PLC) to local bacnet points of LEDs. With this function it is not necessary to write values by PLC.

Additional Information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 40 x 62 x 116 mm